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cdict-gb dictionary(en - zh_CN) tarbal GPL, 4.5M, 57510 words
stardict1.3 dictionary(en - zh_CN) tarbal GPL, 1.1M, 51214 words
Sun Dict(en - zh_CN) tarbal GPL, 1M, 33042 words
xdict-ec-gb dictionary(en - zh_CN) tarbal GPL, 3.6M, 177817 words
xdict-ce-gb dictionary(zh_CN - en) tarbal GPL, 2.4M, 160995 words.
牛津高阶英汉双解 tarbal GPL, 7.7M, 39433 words.
cedict-gb dictionary(zh_CN - en) tarbal CEDICT LICENCE, 0.7M, 31200 words. 推荐!
langdao-ec-gb dictionary(en - zh_CN) 朗道英汉字典 tarbal GPL, 9.1M, 435468 words. 推荐!
langdao-ce-gb dictionary(zh_CN - en) 朗道汉英字典 tarbal GPL, 7.8M, 405719 words. 推荐!
lazyworm-ec dictionary(en - zh_CN) 懒虫简明英汉词典 tarbal GPL, 10M, 452185 words.
lazyworm-ce dictionary(zh_CN - en) 懒虫简明汉英词典 tarbal GPL, 1.7M, 119592 words.
新华字典 tarbal GPL, 8.9M, 74025 words.
ProECCE dictionary 英汉汉英专业词典 tarbal GPL, 8.6M, 571998 words.
Hanzi Master (zh_CN - en) tarbal GPL, 427K, 25992 words
XiangYa Medical dictionary 湘雅医学专业词典 tarbal GPL, 28M, 1479322 words
Advance Chinese big dictionary (zh_CN - zh_CN) 高级汉语大词典 tarbal GPL, 6.3M, 51675 words
Advance Chinese big dictionary (zh_CN - zh_CN) 高级汉语大词典(修正版) tarbal GPL, 6.3M, 51675 words
International standard Chinese big dictionary (zh_CN - zh_CN) 国际标准汉字大辞典 tarbal GPL, 1.5M, 45053 words
Chinese idiom dictionary (zh_CN - zh_CN) 汉语成语词典 tarbal GPL, 2M, 24702 words
Chinese idiom dictionary (zh_CN - zh_CN) 汉语成语词典(修正版) tarbal GPL, 1.9M, 13001 words
汉语成语词典(美化版) tarbal GPL, 2.8M, 13305 words
Modern Chinese dictionary (zh_CN - zh_CN) 现代汉语词典 tarbal GPL, 3.3M, 57643 words
Modern Chinese dictionary (zh_CN - zh_CN) 现代汉语词典(修正版) tarbal GPL, 3.2M, 57691 words
21 century bidirectional dictionary 21世纪英汉汉英双向词典 tarbal GPL, 13M, 213723 words
21 century bidirectional dictionary 21世纪英汉汉英双向词典完整版 tarbal GPL, 13.8M, 224820 words
quick_eng-zh_CN 英汉专业词典 tarball GPL, 10.7M, 634008 words
21 century bidirectional science and technology dictionary 21世纪双语科技词典 tarball GPL, 15M, 809486 words
ncce-ec 新世纪英汉科技大词典 tarbal Free to use, 10.4M, 626953 words
ncce-ce 新世纪汉英科技大词典 tarbal Free to use, 10.6M, 621241 words
kdic-ec-11w(en - zh_CN) KDic11万英汉词典 tarbal GPL, 2.3M, 112344 words.
kdic-computer-gb dictionary 计算机词汇 tarbal GPL, 683K, 6131 words.
十六部佛学辞典 tarbal Free to use, 22M
FoGuang big dictionary (Buddhism) 佛光大辞典 tarbal Free to use, 8.1M, 22555 words
FaXiang dictionary (Buddhism) 法相辞典 tarbal Free to use, 3M, 14603 words
FoXue big dictionary (Buddhism) 佛学大辞典 tarbal Free to use, 3.7M, 30928 words
Soothill-Hodous Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms(zh_CN - en) tarbal GPL, 1M, 16037 words
Eng-Ch-Eng dic of Buddhist terms tarbal GPL, 320K, 3441 words
陈义孝佛学常见辞汇 tarbal GPL, 319K, 5850 words
SanZunFaSu (Buddhism) 三藏法数 tarbal GPL, 1.3M, 8084 words
Chin-Eng-Buddhist tarbal GPL, 1.2M, 17979 words
yusig 唯識名詞白話新解 tarbal GPL, 365K, 1466 words
Bulkwang Fo-Kuang tarbal GPL, 8.5M, 22646 words
Various-Buddhist tarbal GPL, 13M, 55342 words
Chinese-Uyghur Dictionary 汉维词典 tarbal GPL, 10M, 328902 words.
Uyghur-Chinese Dictionary 维汉词典 tarbal GPL, 11M, 385502 words.
Chinese-Uyghur Dictionary (Uyghur Latin Writing Edition) tarbal GPL, 10M, 328902 words
Uyghur-Chinese Dictionary (Uyghur Latin Writing Edition) tarbal GPL, 10M, 385486 words
quick_de-zh_CN 德汉词典 tarball GPL, 3.2M, 104542 words
xindehan 新德汉词典 tarball GPL, 3.3M, 106118 words
Fundset德汉词典 tarball Free to use, 3.1M, 68985 words
HanDeDict 汉德辞典 tarball GPL, 1.6M, 62505 words
Chinese-French dictionary 汉法词典 tarball GPL, 645K, 25286 words
French-Chinese and Chinese-French dictionary 法汉汉法词典 tarball Free to use, 12.5M, 368190 words
English-Chinese dictionary 我爱法语-英汉词典 tarball GPL, 338K, 14857 words
English-French dictionary 我爱法语-英法词典 tarball GPL, 805K, 43096 words
French-Chinese dictionary 我爱法语-法汉词典 tarball GPL, 1.4M, 34159 words
French-English dictionary 我爱法语-法英词典 tarball GPL, 938K, 36257 words
French-French dictionary 我爱法语-法法词典 tarball GPL, 1.5M, 27068 words
French-Italian dictionary 我爱法语-法意词典 tarball GPL, 556K, 34757 words
kdic-cj dictionary 汉日词典 tarball GPL, 925K, 28986 words
kdic-jc dictionary 日汉词典 tarball GPL, 1.5M, 73827 words
jc-special dictionary 日中简明专业词典 tarball GPL, 5M, 277766 words
小学馆-中日词典 tarball Free to use, 6.1M, 70329 words
小学馆-日中词典 tarball Free to use, 7.8M, 76333 words
本草纲目 tarball GPL, 319K, 765 words
英文字根字典 tarball GPL, 332K, 7835 words
广东俗语字典 tarball GPL, 301K, 7543 words
一典通俄汉词典 tarball GPL, 4.9M, 97364 words
Unihan tarball Free to use , 4.9M, 71226 words
五笔86 tarball Free to use , 835K, 78641 words
五笔98 tarball Free to use , 842K, 78597 words
康熙字典文字版 tarball Public Domain, 4.3M, 46816 words
康熙字典 tarball Public Domain, 203M, 70205 words
梵高著名作品赏析 tarball Public Domain, 12M, 43 words
廣韻 tarball GPL, 162K, 3830 words
廣韻反查 tarball GPL, 172K, 20284 words
Han-Viet 汉越 tarball GPL, 572K, 49731 words
Viet-Han 越汉 tarball GPL, 421K, 29112 words
Naver中韩词典 tarball Free to use, 9.5M, 170492 words
Naver韩中词典 tarball Free to use, 4.7M, 47880 words
the MDBG CC-CEDICT Chinese-English dictionary tarball Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License, 3.6M, 144922 words
mdbg-cc-cedict-zh-cn-22-10-2014 tarball Free to use, 3.3M, 106973 words
華俄大辭典 tarball Free to use, 18M, 324387 words
CET4 tarball Free to use, 1.3M, 4595 words
CET6 tarball Free to use, 572K, 2043 words
TOEIC tarball Free to use, 190K, 605 words
中华成语大词典 2.1 tarball Free to use, 9.3M, 49472 words
汉语大词典 tarball Free to use, 72M, 349514 words
中国大百科全书2.0版 tarball Free to use, 21M, 30624 words
拉汉词典(拉丁文—中文) tarball Free to use, 143K, 3622 words
西班牙语-汉语字典 tarball Free to use, 1M, 53288 words
eKamus 马来文字典 tarball Free to use, 302K, 10543 words
eKamus BM-BC 简明马中词典(马来文—中文) tarball Free to use, 250K, 14602 words
古汉语常用字字典 tarball Free to use, 823K, 3933 words
汉语辞海 tarball Free to use, 17M, 380580 words
日汉双解词典 tarball Free to use, 3.9M, 30017 words
広辞苑 第六版 tarball Free to use, 21M, 232795 words
诗词典故词典 tarball Free to use, 406K, 2947 words
段注說文解字 tarball Free to use, 3.3M, 10737 words
粤日常用語詞典 tarball Free to use, 599K, 8452 words