Misc Dictionaries

quick_czech-nld tarball GPL
quick_nld-czech tarball GPL
quick_eng-persian tarball GPL, 1.5M, 50259 words
Electronic-Computer English-Persian Dictionary tarball GPL, 433K, 11416 words
GNU/Linux English-English Dictionary tarball GPL, 1.3M, 16694 words
Refrence Dictionary for Linux Enviroment Translation tarball GPL, 24K, 1804 words
English-Vietnamese tarball GPL
Vietnamese-English tarball GPL
French-Vietnamese tarball GPL
Vietnamese-French tarball GPL
German-Vietnamese tarball GPL
Vietnamese-German tarball GPL
Vietnamese dictionary tarball GPL
Norwegian-Vietnamese tarball GPL
Nga-Viet tarball GPL
English-Thai Lexitron Dictionary tarball GPL, 2.4M, 53011 words
Thai-English Lexitron Dictionary tarball GPL, 3.1M, 32364 words
English-Hindi Shabdanjali Dictionary tarball GPL, 1.2M, 27011 words
English-Esperanto tarball GPL, 157K, 13630 words
Esperanto-English tarball GPL, 32K, 2077 words
Chinese-Esperanto tarball GPL, 174K, 13083 words
Esperanto-Chinese tarball GPL, 165K, 11918 words
Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary tarball GPL, 9M, 149499 words
Tokipona official word list tarball GPL, 5K, 118 words
I2E English-Spanish Dictionary tarball GPL, 280K, 22167 words
I2E Spanish-English Dictionary tarball GPL, 250K, 17822 words
Czech-Russian slovnik Dictionary tarball GPL, 3M, 169355 words
Russian-Czech slovnik Dictionary tarball GPL, 2.7M, 169507 words
Czech foreign words dictionary tarball Free to use, 732K, 21620 words
English-Czech dictionary tarball GPL, 2M, 84775 words
Czech-English dictionary tarball GPL, 2M, 85563 words
Acronyms tarball GPL, 5K, 253 words
latin-english tarball GPL, 1.2M, 39225 words
English-Hungarian tarball GPL, 1.9M, 185118 words
English-Hungarian expression tarball GPL, 646K, 30297 words
English-Serbian tarball GPL, 691K, 74187 words
English-Spanish tarball GPL, 283K, 24218 words
French-Hungarian tarball GPL, 99K, 7882 words
German-English tarball GPL, 1.5M 124128 words
German-Hungarian tarball GPL, 431K, 37888 words
Interlinuga-English tarball GPL, 782K, 26927 words
Swedish-Interlingua tarball GPL, 664K, 27809 words
English-Greek tarball GPL, 229K, 13357 words
Spanish - German wordlist tarball GPL, 231K, 17211 words
Spanish-Italian tarball GPL, 67K, 5677 words
Greek-English tarball GPL, 196K, 13976 words
English-Spanish tarball GPL, 288K, 24574 words
Italian-Hungarian tarball GPL, 427K, 34368 words
Russian-English tarball GPL, 320K, 22692 words
English-French tarball GPL, 42K, 3246 words
English-German tarball GPL, 115K, 9731 words
English-Italian tarball GPL, 65K, 5150 words
English-Latin tarball GPL, 135K, 8328 words
English-Portuguese tarball GPL, 18K, 1366 words
English-Spanish tarball GPL, 91K, 7476 words
Bulgaria-English tarball GPL, 2.5M, 43946 words
English-Bulgaria tarball GPL, 3.2M, 46789 words
myspell_Polish_grammar tarball GPL, 24M, 2752724 words
myspell_Russian_grammar tarball GPL, 13M, 1346644 words
myspell_Spanish_grammar tarball GPL, 5M, 652152 words
myspell_Ukrainian_grammar tarball GPL, 17M, 1723985 words
welsh-english tarball GPL, 509K, 26487 words
Welsh-English tarball GPL, 195K, 12030 words
English-Welsh tarball GPL, 192K, 10062 words
Dictionnaire des idées reçues tarball GPL, 46K, 960 words
English-Croatian tarball GPL, 1.7M, 92931 words
AbuBakar_EngUrdu_Dictionary tarball GPL, 4.6M, 119860 words
Altangerel English-Mongolian tarball GPL, 1.2M, 28656 words
CIA World Factbook 2009 tarball GPL, 1.6M, 270 words
Islandsko_cz_dictionary tarball GPL, 220K, 4906 words
Crum's Coptic - English Dictionary tarball GPL, 1.3M, 25382 words
Esperando Vietnamese Dictionary tarball GPL, 318K, 25382 words
LongDo English-Thai Dictionary tarball GPL, 83K, 17139 words
LongDo Japanish-Thai Dictionary tarball GPL, 54K, 1783 words
sk_en_legal dictionary tarball GPL, 301K, 16060 words
Ant_dictionary. English-Italian dictionary by Antonio Bonifati. tarball GPL, 385K, 19009 words
php function dictionary tarball GPL, 1.1M, 5622 words
Tibskrit Philology tarball Free to use, 2.4M
Pali-Chinese dictionary tarball Free to use, 391K
正法華經詞典 (A Glossary of Dharmarakṣa's Translation of the Lotus Sutra) tarball Free to use, 716K
Mahāvyutpatti (翻譯名義大集) tarball Free to use, 694K
Manchu-Mongolian-Sanskrit-Chinese glossary (五譯合璧集要) tarball Free to use, 54K
Soothill-Hodous dictionary tarball Free to use, 1.1M
Ding Fubao dictionary (丁福保佛學大辭典) tarball Free to use, 4.2M
Nanshan Vinaya Dictionary (南山律學辭典) tarball Free to use, 1.5M